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Top Tips for Investors Looking toward Norwich and Norfolk

Norwich is without doubt one of our loveliest cities with the whole Norfolk area offering a lifestyle to savour. From the most charming idyllic villages to the bustle of the Golden Triangle, there’s something to suit every investor and all budgets. But whether you’re a local or someone considering moving into the area, a professional approach is a must. Here are five brief tips for investing in the area.

Preparation is Key

As with any potential property search investors need to follow the golden rule of good preparation. This will typically involve working out both your budget and aims. Will you want to let the property out? Is it a holiday home you seek? Are you searching for an apartment in a prominent place? Would you like to be based in the city or in the countryside? Is your investment for a retirement property? You ideally need to be clear on all these things before moving forward.

Do Your Research

Good research is priceless, and you need to take into account the region, locality and preferred lifestyle. Naturally, Norfolk has lots of rural property away from the highly populated areas. Imagine what it could be like in bad weather or evaluate how important transport links are for your personal use. Think about how many bedrooms you’ll need. Will you need extra land? Will you be working from home? Is it ideal for children? What about the character of the property?

Know Your Maths

If your interest is buy-to-let it’s crucial to do the maths and ensure this is the investment you really want. Can your cash perform better anywhere else for example? Remember – investing in buy-to-let means tying up capital in a property that could decrease in value. Of course, the same goes for buying that dream home or planning for a holiday home. Take all potential costs into consideration and make sure you can meet all of those comfortably before taking the plunge.

Look For Outstanding Potential

It’s crucial to choose a property in what is deemed ‘a promising area’ – it doesn’t have to be the most expensive to meet that criteria. It could have a terrific school nearby or have lots of greenery close or perhaps a nature trail. Is it somewhere that’s perfect for commuters? Thinking long term is essential in this situation, as your property’s value could rise impressively.

Get the Best Advice

Even if you’re not a novice, getting the best advice from an agent or company who knows the locality inside out is crucial. It could also save you money and a great deal of time. Agile Property Partners can certainly help on that score. But if you choose someone else, find a group of people you can both trust and rely on. Check out their reputation and testimonials.

Follow this advice and your investment journey will become both hugely enjoyable and safe.

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