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Boost your pension in the run up to retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life and it’s coming to that time where you put your feet up, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Only, when you do the sums, the margins are a little bit tight. You have a pension but when you factor in inflation, the increasing costs of bills and the uncertainty around Brexit, mean it might be better if you had a little more to play with.

But the big question is, how do you boost your nest egg in the run up to retirement without having to take any big risks? Well, one way to do it is to work with Agile Property Partners to identify good investment opportunities in the Norwich area.

In these times of historic low interest rates, putting your money in the bank is not such a good option, and pension pots aren’t growing at the rates that many would like. Yet if you invest in property there are some excellent yields to be had. A return of 6% a year is not uncommon and can even be bigger, so even with a few years of investment you can still make enough to top up your savings pot.

Of course, you could go it alone and invest in property for yourself. But without an in-depth understanding of the market it can be hard to make good decisions. And if there is a market crash or you find it hard to rent the property you could become stuck with an asset that you can’t sell or is worth less than you paid. Working with Agile you get the knowledge and expertise of industry insiders and the security that investing in a mutual way can bring. In addition, these kinds of investments are generally more flexible with an easier exit strategy in place if you decide you have made enough to enjoy your retirement.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to make a positive, low-risk investment in the Norwich and surrounding area, then get in touch with our team. We have numerous excellent investment opportunities both currently and coming up. Give us a call, let us know what kind of investment you are looking to make and we can take it from there. Your retirement should be something you enjoy without the stress and anxiety or money worries you have worked hard to avoid.

To find out more about the local and national property market, or if you would like to chat about anything to do with property investment, give us a ring on Norwich 01603 567804 or send us a message.

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Agile Property Partners are not financial advisors and therefore are not qualified to provide personal investment advice. You may also wish to seek your own independent financial advice.