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The impact the proximity to the Broads has on house prices in Norwich

Natural attractions are one of the biggest reasons why people want to move home. Being closer to national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and pretty coastlines make houses much more desirable, which naturally has a very positive effect on house prices. Large open areas with great leisure and wildlife opportunities are proving to be increasingly in demand. Which is very good news for people who live the Norfolk Broads.

Agents report that they are inundated with calls about properties in the area, with waiting lists and requests to view coming at all times of the year. The Broads have a broad appeal, if you’ll pardon the pun. They are very popular with both young families and older people looking to retire somewhere beautiful. With houses near the Broads increasingly in high demand, it means house prices in the area are continuing to rise. It really is a seller’s market, and if you are lucky enough to have property here, that’s very good news indeed. If you have considered selling up, there might be no better time than now.

Many people are looking to relocate from London, trading their huge property values in the capital for a better quality of life elsewhere. And they can get far more for their money in areas like the Broads, which have the added advantage of natural beauty.

However, it could also be a great time to invest. With the status of areas like the Broads enshrined in law, this is an area that is likely to remain in demand for a long time. And with an ageing population in the UK, prices for these kinds of places look set to remain high for years. So, if you have a possibility of investing in property close by, you could stand to make a good return on your investment.

As more and more people leave London looking for a more peaceful life, now could be the time to put your money elsewhere. Or perhaps you too are simply looking for a home that offers a better quality of life?

To find out more about property investment opportunities in Norfolk and around the Broads, get in touch with our specialists at Agile. With years of experience working in the area, we are perfectly placed to identify investment opportunities, and more than happy to talk through your options.


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