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Our Property Market Report Reaches the Press!

As experts in both our industry and our region, our opinion is well respected by businesses working in the industry and those looking to invest in property in the local area. As a result, our first Property Market Report was hotly anticipated by many companies and individuals in the housing sector and has been labelled a ‘must read’ for anyone thinking of investing in the property market.

In fact, our Property Market Report was in so much demand that the local press announced its release as soon as it was available. As well as helping to get important and reliable information to our many current and existing investors, this shows just how important our opinion, research and predictions are to the local Norfolk property market.

The report

As was reported on, Agile Property Partners first Property Market Report is titled “The History of Property Market in Norfolk: From Recession Ripple Effect to Bouncing Back”. The report takes an in depth look at the recent history of the county’s property market, highlighting regions that have seen significant growth, indexing prices across Norfolk and investigating factors that have influenced the industry.

As well as examining the sales history of the region, our report also includes a summary of rental prices in the local area. Something that will make fascinating reading for existing and prospective buy to let landlords.


The Property Market Report was compiled using reliable data sources and drawing on Agile Property Partners extensive expertise. We’ve been working in the Norfolk Property market for a number of years now, and so were able to use our first hand experience to inform the report and enrich the detail and data it contains. This helps to give readers a well-rounded view of the Norfolk property market and will give them a crucial insight into the most important factors to consider when investing in the county’s property stock.

Key points

The report showed that, on the whole, Norfolk’s property market has grown strongly over the years. Though it’s reacted to outside factors in accordance with the national market, the local housing industry has recovered quickly and offers investors an excellent opportunity to gain good returns and see their investments grow.

If you’d like to learn more about the Norfolk property market, or if you’re interested in investing in the local area, contact Agile Property Partners today.

Read our report on the Norfolk property market.

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