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Norwich Second Happiest Place to Work in the UK

Can where you live affect how happy you are at work? It would seem so, according to a new study called the Happiness Works, conducted on behalf of Robert Half UK. The study found that the happiest place in the UK to work is Yorkshire and the Humber. But second on the list is right here in Norwich and the east of England.

A huge 74% of employees in Yorkshire and the Humber found their work interesting and meaningful while 88% got on well with their team. They also suffered less stress from work than other people around the UK.  In all, around 70% of people there were happy in their work.

In the east of England, which includes Norfolk and Norwich, the numbers were just a little lower at around 66%, although the region didn’t do so well on the fairness and respect sections of the study, coming in just below the national average.

“While employee happiness levels may vary across the UK, the bottom line remains the same. Happiness is an individual experience and one solution may not work for everybody. However in our report, The secrets of the happiest companies and employees, we have uncovered there are six universal factors that directly affect employee happiness,” commented Phil Sheridan, senior managing director, Robert Half UK.

These six areas are: being the right fit for the job, having a sense of empowerment, feeling appreciated, doing interesting and meaningful work, being treated fairly and developing positive workplace relationships.

The workers who were least happy in their work were those in the South and Scotland, where around 17% said they were unhappy in their jobs .

This region coming second is more good news for Norfolk. The area has been coming top or near top of a number of similar well-being studies in recent months, showing that the area is rapidly emerging as one of the best places to live in the UK.

This is a fact that is backed up by an 8% rise year on year in the value of property. The area is becoming very attractive to investors and with improved rail and road links, even commuters from London are considering Norwich as a place to live.

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