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Norwich Revealed as Second Most Desirable Place to Live in the UK

If you were asked to name the most desirable places to live in the UK, what would you say? A townhouse in Mayfair? Maybe a cool warehouse conversion in Shoreditch? Or a farmhouse in the Lake District?

Well, according to a new survey by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) on behalf of the Royal Mail, the postcode that enjoys the best quality of life in Britain is Bebington, in the Wirral. Never heard of it? Maybe that’s the reason why it’s such a great place to live.

But one place we know you will recognise is the postcode that came in second in the list of most desirable places to live in the UK. It’s right here in North and North West Norwich.

Why Norwich made the top ten

The list was compiled using a range of factors, which included the quality of local schools, access to green space, job opportunities, working hours and affordable housing. All of which we have in abundance in our fair city and explain why the city is such a great place to invest.

As prices continue to rise to even more ridiculous levels in London, the prospect of living there becomes less and less appealing to many people. There has been a shift in what people are looking for from their homes. It’s not just about being in London at all costs any more – largely because those costs are just too high.

As more and more people look for homes in areas where they can be happy, such as Norwich, demand for property goes up. As this happens, prices will rise to level out with those in the capital. That’s why investing in the Norwich property market is such a good idea right now.

The secret is out

Norwich being on the list is something of a rarity. In the past, many of the best postcodes have been in the north, where property prices are lower and green spaces more abundant. But it’s the city’s unique combination of factors that has seen it rise to number two. It’s something that, if you live here, you’re well aware of. But it seems like the rest of the UK is beginning to discover it too.

If you’d like to know more about investing in the area, then get in touch with a member of our team. With more and more attention bound to be coming our way, getting a foot on the local market now is a very good idea.

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