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British landlords keen to invest further in buy-to-let properties

A new investor survey by Mortgages for Business has revealed that around 44% of UK landlords are keen to make further investments in the buy-to-let market. Many are looking to do so in the coming months before the middle of 2018. However, many are still to fully get to grips with the new tax and regulatory changes, with 54% having taken no advice about the tax changes.

Around three-quarters of those who said they were keen to invest more money would do so in standard buy-to-let properties. Others said that high yield HMOs (which can sometimes bring in as much as 10% a year) would also be an option. But not everyone said they were going to build their portfolio. Between 9% and 15% said they would be reducing the size of their property investments in 2018. Around 41% said they would do nothing, instead waiting to see how the changes affect the market before making their next move.

Steve Olejnik, COO of Mortgages for Business, said: ‘The results show that many landlords are more optimistic about the future of property investment than some commentators would have you believe. Of course, there will be some who will choose to leave the sector but this will create opportunities for those who are in it for the long term.’

Many of those looking to further their investments would be doing so largely through limited borrowing companies as borrowing vehicles. Others said they would be making personal investments or using other corporate structures.

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